Teachers at BASIS.ed

Teachers who love teaching, teach students to love learning.

Our teachers are unwavering in their belief that every child can succeed. Ask any BASIS.ed student what makes their school different and they will first tell you, "the teachers." Teachers set high expectations and offer continuous support as students rise to meet those expectations. Our teachers' passion for what they teach creates an environment in which students are nurtured and grow to love learning. Though driven by our core curriculum, teachers are given the freedom to do what they do best: light the fire of learning in every child.

Image: science classBASIS.ed teachers are highly respected for their knowledge and insight into the individual needs of their students. Our teachers know that every child learns differently. Students are not only offered, but encouraged, to seek help and support in and out of the classroom. Every teacher sets aside at least two hours each week when students are supported one-on-one or in small groups. It is not uncommon to find older students voluntarily helping younger students during study periods, lunches, and before or after school.

Our teachers are experts in their subjects

We believe that high-level subject matter expertise, coupled with the passion to drive and inspire students, is the most important ingredient to teach content knowledge, creative thinking, and problem solving to the highest international levels.

At BASIS.ed, we hire educators with academic degrees in the disciplines they teach, whether it’s post-AP calculus or first grade Mandarin. More than 70% of our BASIS.ed teachers have at least a master’s degree in their subject.

Our teachers are selected for BASIS.ed Quality

We are highly selective and hire only the most qualified teachers. Upon selection as top candidates, prospective teachers are challenged to teach a lesson during one of our regular Demo-Teach Days. Only the teachers who are highly ranked by students and faculty are hired.

Our teachers inspire Great performance

When students love to learn, they excel. Student performance has consistently topped rankings in educational achievement both at home and abroad; graduates attend the world’s most prestigious and respected higher learning institutions.