Managing Educational Excellence

The goal of a great education is to provide students with limitless opportunities​.

BASIS Ed Arizona manages a dynamic network of high-quality, tuition-free, open-enrollment public charter schools in Arizona.

Every charter school in our network is built upon the same pedagogic curricular and cultural platform. Each of our charter schools is recognized among the absolutely best schools in the world, and we have a track record of placing our graduates into top-tier colleges and universities.

We are obsessive about student outcomes, and we sweat the details in our efforts to improve student learning. We dive deep into the data, monitoring results and asking hard questions in the name of ensuring that students and teachers are meeting our extremely high expectations. We work constantly to train and empower teachers and school leaders to build the culture of professionalism and scholarship that serves as the foundation of every school we manage.

BASIS Ed Arizona is a branch of the larger BASIS Ed network. Together, we create and manage the BASIS Charter Schools across the country. BASIS Ed is responsible for the curriculum, assessments, and training processes that make outstanding learning results possible. We also provide all back-office support services: human resources, finance and accounting, marketing, IT, recruiting, etc., that are at the core of BASIS Charter Schools across the country.

BASIS Peoria Primary
BASIS Scottsdale

BASIS Ed Arizona Managed Schools​

BASIS Charter Schools are open enrollment, tuition-free public charter schools serving grades K-12.
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BASIS Ahwatukee

BASIS Chandler

BASIS Chandler Primary North

BASIS Chandler Primary South

BASIS Flagstaff

BASIS Goodyear


BASIS Oro Valley

BASIS Oro Valley Primary

BASIS Peoria

BASIS Peoria Primary

BASIS Phoenix

BASIS Phoenix Central

BASIS Phoenix Primary

BASIS Phoenix South

BASIS Prescott

BASIS Scottsdale

BASIS Scottsdale Primary East

BASIS Scottsdale Primary West

BASIS Tucson North

BASIS Tucson Primary


Carolyn McGarvey
Carolyn McGarvey
Chief Executive Officer, AZ+


Michelle Keogh
General Counsel


Julie Kearney
Vice President of Operations


Cody Roth
Cody Roth
Vice President, Human Resources


Lashawn Shorbe
Lashawn Shorbe
Vice President of Charter School Management


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