Teaching at BASIS

Ask any BASIS Charter School student what makes their school different and they will tell you “the teachers.” The foundation of our learning culture and the success of our students lies in the hands of our teachers.

Our Teaching Positions

See for yourself!

"The fact that we set such high expectations from the beginning and do not back down from them is one of the reasons we’ve been able to succeed. Students, and people in general, will always move to the level of expectations you set for them. If you set a high bar, they will climb that high. If you set low expectations, that’s all they will achieve."
Kevin Matthews
Subject Expert Teacher, BASIS Tucson North
"My students have it a critical mass. They are not necessarily smarter, but willing to work harder. They are competitive, but they challenge and support each other."
TJ Peacher
Subject Expert Teacher, BASIS Scottsdale
"The kids expect high expectations and they appreciate it, they thrive off of it."
Daniel Bowley
Subject Expert Teacher, BASIS Scottsdale
"I worked in a public school for five years, and left because I felt frustrated, I was told to do things in my classroom that I did not feel were the best use of my students’ precious time. Today, my students are fully engaged in learning from bell to bell."
Donna Merchant
Subject Expert Teacher